Recap of my trip to Louisville Kentucky


I do not leave NYC much but once a year I go to the ABC Kids show for work. ABC Kids show is the biggest tradeshow for baby and kids item in USA. It is a major networking event with a lot of organization meeting up during this time. It is great to catch up with fellow retailers and vendors to talk business and of course have some fun as well.

We left Friday early morning from La Guardia Airport. I tried to positive because I dislike air travel a lot. It was pretty humid and hot in NYC so I opted to wear a Maxi dress. Big Mistake!!!! Ladies, never wear a long dress on a trip…I had to be padded down. I had to stay in a special cube (which was see through so everyone could watch). I usually do not mind being touched but this was so awkward. Anyways of course they did not find anything weird under my dress so I was able to move on. At the gate the flight attenendant determined my carry on was too big…whatever!!! I am using the same bag for air travel for 3 years and I never had to check it in. No digging South West Airlines because of that.

Okay flashforward we arrive in Kentucky. We quickly made it to our hotel and ran off to attend Friday afternoon at ABC Kids show. We already saw a couple of cool stuff that we will carry at Metro Minis but more about this later in a different post.

So in the evening we met up Beth and Marion from Cat Bird Baby (they make awesome baby carrier and accessories btw. and yes we carry it at Metro Minis) ) We went to a place called Hillbilly Tea and it was a great restaurant.