Teacher Training 2

Last night I was so exhausted so I went early to bed. I have to get up by 6 am so I can be at training at 9 am without rushing.
Kay Kay and Yogi Charu are just amazing. Yogi Charu introduced us to Bhagavat Gita. He gave us tons of background info so we could understand the text better.

Kay Kay taught us some basic posture and the adjustments for them. So far we learned tadsana, plank, chaturanga and downward facing dog.
Teaching is harder than I expected, the moment I stood in front of my fellow yogis to teach, I just forgot everything. It felt like my mind erased everything I just learned. And those poses I have been practicing for years now!! I have so much respect for my yoga teachers and after this day I even have more respect…. It is hard to teach!