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I love my iPad

I am an iPad user since day 1.

1. Writing, reading and responding to emails. All my customer service for Metro Minis is done via mail app on iPad. My emails are usually not of the lengthy type and I became a pretty quick typer.

2. Social Media
I spent an significant amount of time on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook every day. It has been really important to interact with customers and responding to them. I also need to keep track of new products, new trends and news in the industry. It is important to stay connected.

3. Ordering
Ordering products for online stores and our boutique is a big part of my daily work. In can quickly create orders on the go even when I am at the bus stop waiting for my son to get home from school. It is important for me to be able to use any free minute during the day to catch up or perform a task. For all this things I use my iPhone in combination with my iPad

4. Must have Apps
Dropbox- I am responsible To always have ads, logos, pictures on hand. Sometimes an editor contacts us to give them something in a few hours or minutes. With dropbox I can access my files from my iPhone, iPad or desktop.

Evernote- oh boy how was I able to manage prior to Evernote? I use Evernote for so many different things it deserves its own blog post. Seriously though if you don’t use Evernote yet you missing out. We also just recently added it to our store computer to keep track of customer request and task. But more on Evernote later

BeeJive- I like to be connected to my colleagues within easy reach. We all not working in the same space so it’s important to communicate.
Since we a Mac business all our computers have been set up with iChat. Most of the time we message via iChat and in some occasions we even use video chat. BeeJive also let us set up our Google accounts so we can message via google chat as well.

Deliveries from JuneCloud- I loooove this app. Since I am ordering a lot of products I always like to be in the know when stuff arrives. So as soon as an vendor sends us a tracking number I usually copy and paste it in the Delivery App. So I have all the packages in one place and can track them. They also have an awesome widget for Mac OSX so I uploaded it to our store computer, and everyone can checkmwhen item arrive. Cool, right?

Flipboard- read twitter, Facebook, blogs you follow or any rss feeds in one place. It is amazing, since the flipboard app makes it look like a magazines just designed for yourself. Highly recommended.

Omnifocus- organize your life with it. I have also the desktop and iPhone app and they work excellent together. It takes a little effort to learn and keep up but if you get the hang of it, it can really change your productivity for the better. I tried many Other similar apps but Omnifocus is very well worth the price.




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