Project of the day

Living in New York City is an amazing experience. But with all the awesomeness,  there are also downsides : One of them is space! We do not have much.

I have been living in the same apartment since 1999. I was 22 when I moved in and my place went through dramatic  changes.First I colored the living room  walls bright pink, then a few years later  I switched to a bright orange. After I had my son I switched to  grass green. Two years I ago I went super boring – white walls!!! Soon  I will go back to  colored walls – I am thinking greenish tone, but a more muted green than before. I will all update on what I decide to do.

Todays project was to improve the bedroom. To be honest my bedroom is my clutter space, if I need to clean up my living room quickly  I will stuff everything into my bedroom and shut the door.  Also the bedroom serves as our combined sleeping place, playroom and storage. That is a lot to fit into one room. A few years back,  I had a loft installed. It is king size and it has a staircase. This helped a lot with space and best furniture piece I ever had.  But the clutter… has been stressing me out.

So this morning I had enough…  I was determined to get rid of clutter and have a simpler space. When I did my Yoga teacher training earlier this year one of the things one of my teacher said : “As a Yoga teacher you have to set an example, you have to keep yourself and your environment clean.”  He was so right about that.

So today I started with this project and I am pretty happy how it came out. I did not spend a penny only moved stuff around, gave away some toys, clothes, bags and other random things I did not need or used in ages. I  found some old artwork and hung it up on the wall ( I probably will replace it with some real art work from my son when it is current creation is done)

Hope you like and I will post the pic from the other ankle in a little while too