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Announcing the first NYC training from Center for Babywearing Studies

Space is very limited! Please sign up early. Please eMail if you like to sign up or work out a payment plan.


Here is the info:

Joanna McNeilly, the founder of the Center for Babywearing Studies and the course instructor has completed teacher training through Die Trageschule Dresden ® and was an educator at Metro Minis in New York City for over 4 years. She has worked with Ulrike Hower of Die Trageschule Dresden ® to customize the course to the North American market specifically.

With focus on high quality training specifically for helping others to learn you will be able to combine this training with your own personal knowledge to better help the parents in your community. With the core principles guiding us as we meet each new parent.

*Believing in Individuality

*Empathetic Listening

*Clear, Exact and Creative Methods

In the course, you will have lots of hands-on training for teaching others to wear baby carriers; pouches, ring slings, woven and stretchy wraps, mei tais, and SSCs (soft structured carriers), and a few knots.

We will examine the physiological and psychological aspects of carrying and how to recognize what makes a good carry/carrier. We will explore the basics of methodical working and each participant will design a concept for an individual consultation.

In addition to studying the basics of infant physiology and best practices as related to babywearing, participants will also delve into incident data reports from the CPSC (reports of injury in baby carriers/while babywearing) to better understand what concerns exist with regard to babywearing. We will take time to discuss the babywearing industry, including manufacturers and retailers of babywearing products, babywearing educators, and the evolution of the industry.

Class fees: $500. (This is the fee for course tuition and includes all course materials.

Class size: Class size is limited to 10 students in order to ensure the highest caliber of learning and participation for all involved.

Course days and times: subject to minor changes:

September 9th, 10a-6p

September 10th, 6p-10p

September 12th, 6p-10p

September 13th, 6p-10p

September 16th, 10a-4p (will end before sundown)


Child care: Only non-mobile infants can be in the classroom; older babies and children will need to be cared for outside the classroom, so that participants can focus on the course, as it’s intense and covers so much information in such a short time. If there is sufficient interest for onsite childcare, the group is welcome to recruit or pay childcare providers, paid at an additional cost by those using the childcare.

Take what you need