rebozo workshop with gena kirby

Today I went with my good friend Joanna to Brooklyn to attend the highly recommended rebozo work shop with Gena Kirby. By the way Joanna has a BabyWearing school so if you are interested in becoming a BabyWearing educator you totally shoukd check out her classes. See the schedule over at Center for Babywearing Studies.
For anyone knowing me I have this Love/Hate relationship with Brooklyn. Mainly it is so tedious to get there via public transportation. the MTA always makes sure to have some kinda weird reroute and changes when I decide to go there. I was so happy when I heard when Joanna's husband Eric decided to give us a ride.
20 minutes later we were in Brooklyn and settled into the apartment where the class was hosted. Thanks again Milon for hosting it. 💛

Gena is so full of energy and passionate about rebozo it was so refreshing to learn from her. Most of the other ladies who took the class were all birth doulas and childbirth educators. I took a couple of snap shots below and if Gena is ever coming to your neck of your woods you definitely should take the class too.