About a year ago I bought this awesome book from Kate Northrup "Money, A Love Story:  Untangle Your Financial Woes and Create the Life You Really Want". I am soooooo bad with money and finances (aside from spending it!) so I clearly need help. The book is great but I always have the problem to motivate myself and follow through. Afterall good advice is only as good as you implement it. If you want to check out the book I included a link below. It is a quick and good read and you won't be disappointed. 

Flash forward to January 2015: I was really excited when I found out that there will be a 21 day Money Love Challenge. You should head over the challenge and sign up - it is not too late.

The assignments are easy and hard at the same time but really short. They don't take much time but some of them take some thinking  I am going to to updating this journal post every day for the next 21 days with the challenge of the day. I would love for all of you to join me as well. 


#Moneylovechallenge Day 1

#Moneylovechallenge Day 2

My earliest memory of money was the money I received on holidays or on special occasions. I was always super happy when new years day rolled around because I would collect $$$.  I would walk around in the village I grew up and wished neighbors and family  a happy new year with a new years poem performance. In exchange they would give me cash. Usually I would end up the end of the day with at least 100 German Marks. 

I also remember the pocket money I received from my parents weekly. It wasn't much but I was really excited. The first item that I save up for was some kinda silly look glow worm that you take to bed as a night light. I think I saved up for month to buy this item and I felt very happy when I finally was able to buy it.