3 Looks!

One Sakura Bloom Ringsling three looks

Oh my, I love ringslings!  For those of you who know me or visited one of my babywearing clinics you probably know I am a huge fan. I tend to say "every new parent should have a ring sling".

This post is less about technique more about style and most importantly the different looks you can get with a ringsling. 

I don't know if you had the same experience but after my son was born I felt less than glamourous. My "uniform" is yoga pants and a t-shirt and my hair pulled into a pony tail.

My kiddo never was happy in a bouncy seat or swing so the majority of my time I either carried him in a carrier, sling or wrap. They all worked great but when I pulled out my ring sling  I felt immediately transformed into a "super mommy". Ringsling just look hot hot hot on anyone. If you ever have the mommy blues take out your ringsling, pop your baby in and strut down the street. It will be just a matter of minutes till you get compliments and your mommy blues will disappear. 


One of my favorite brands are the Sakura Bloom Ringslings.  Any fashionista mama's heart beats just a little bit faster when picking out the amazing fabrics and colors Sakura Bloom brews up each fashion season. I think the magic in ring sling is the tail. The main reason of the tail is used to adjust the sling so it fits around your babies body tightly. But the tail can also be used to spruce up your slinging outfit. 


The first option is to just let the tail flow. This is the traditional  way to wear a ring sling and my personal favorite look. I like when the tail is a bit longer so it hits my mid thigh. It covers up the the post baby curves and just makes me feel awesome. 

If you feel you want to have a bit of cleaner look or the tail is in the way you can just wrap the tail around the rings. Some dads don't dig the flowy tail so this version is a good way to get your favorite man to wear the sling. It also looks super cool.